Promo exceptionnelle : bénéficiez d’une remise de 150€ sur le nouveau vidéoprojecteur Dangbei Atom

Dangbei, a leading brand in smart projectors, has once again proven its excellence with its latest model, the Atom. This portable projector combines small size with impressive performance.

With a discount of €150, it is dangerously close to the XGIMI Elfin, a benchmark in mini projectors that is €200 cheaper. However, unlike the Elfin, the Dangbei Atom offers better brightness and integrates the Google TV operating system for the first time. This is surely enticing.

The first ultra-compact laser projector that integrates Google TV

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This is a world first: never before has a projector chosen to integrate Google TV and its entire ecosystem. Dangbei can boast of being the first to natively offer this operating system.

google TV Dangbei Atom vidéoprojecteur

This allows compatibility with Google Voice Assistant, access to all streaming platforms, and the use of the Google interface already familiar to many televisions, all without the need for an additional dongle. Considering that Netflix refuses to be integrated into projectors running on Android TV, it’s hard not to be impressed by the Dangbei Atom.

Aside from this unique feature, the Dangbei Atom boasts an enticing range of technical specifications, particularly its compact size and lightweight design (1.28 kg). It also offers a maximum brightness of 1200 lumens, automatic screen correction, and Dolby Atmos sound.

avantages caracteristiques dangbei atom

Why choose the Dangbei Atom mini projector?

After testing the Dangbei Atom, the results are clear: for such a compact product, it delivers impressive performance. Regarding image quality, it offers excellent sharpness and color accuracy, even if it doesn’t support 4K resolution. It excels in dark rooms.

Compared to its competitors, although the Dangbei Atom’s price remains relatively high (€999 without discount), it excels in many aspects. However, it should be noted that the projector has a major drawback: image fluidity, especially for gaming. Therefore, it should be avoided if you plan on using it with your PS5 or Xbox.

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Choosing between the Dangbei Atom and the XGIMI Elfin alternative

Among the competitors of the Dangbei Atom, the XGIMI Halo+ is surpassed in all aspects. However, the XGIMI Elfin model also stands out. This projector, released in 2022, impressed with its weight of less than 1kg and its image quality (despite a lack of contrast). When comparing the two models, the advantage of the Atom lies in its projected image: sharper, twice as bright, and with more vibrant colors. On the other hand, the Elfin is more suitable for gaming, with better fluidity in rendering (MEMC).

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